Zoom Burst Photography Technique

Zoom Burst Photography Technique by Saurabh Chhabra

Rastrapati Bhavan with WM

Zoom Burst


Just bought a DSLR? Try to play around with it.. Try your hands on zoom burst

Above photograph is of President House of India:-

Here Zoom in Burst photography technique is used:-

What all you need to take such pictures is:-

  1. Low light condition (to better understand the technique), though it can be done in better light conditions also
  2. Tripod
  3. DSLR with basic zoom lens

Try these pictures on long shutter speeds such as 2 sec, 4 sec or even larger.

  • In case you have decided this picture to be taken on 4 sec shutter speed, use stutter priority mode, aperture will be taken care automatically. 
  • Put your camera on tripod. Decide your exposure time into two phases. :- Click & Wait on wide angle (for half the time i.e 2 secs here), after first 2 sec, zoom in and wait till shutter gets close. 
  • Here you go with the beautiful zoom in burst pictures…

Note:- Try to use ISO as low as you can to get non noisy pictures, and for long shutter speed which is required in such case.

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