Emotions & Weddings Through Candid Photography

Candid Photography means when people don’t know that they are being clicked, which means natural photographs without posing.
These days photographers are entering into wedding photography as wedding photographers especially who are into candid photography earns not less than an engineer or doctors in their peak season. An engineer or doctor has to specialize only into their stream but a photographer has to come across to all three streams i.e Arts (Creativity & Research), Science (All technical aspects of light, color balance) , Commerce & Mathematics (Heavy investments & Calculations). Today Wedding images or engagement photos are of no use if good candid photography is not done and wedding photo albums will be incomplete.

Being a candid photographer I try not to miss any emotion. That is why I always carry two cameras, one with wide angle lens and other with telephoto lens. Now whatever bride & groom and their close relatives or friends will do (weather they smile, cry, laugh, hug, play, act etc) will be captured as natural as they are. To me candid photography is my prime passion if I compare it with other domains of photography.

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